How to Access TV and Video via the Internet

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With improvements in Internet technology, watching your preferred TV shows, or movies from any location where there’s an available Computer or laptop with an Internet access has become a reality. Apart from watching cable television online with a cable transmitting website, there’re other methods through which you could watch TV on your personal computer.

Do you like any type of sports? Have you been worried of not having the ability to watch live baseball or soccer or even latest movies simply because your office doesn’t allow TVs or that you’re always on trips during the field work? You will want to try to view live TV online? You could do this with an Internet-connected Computer or perhaps with an Internet ready laptop or small gadget if you’re always on trips.

Maybe you’re a writer or a journalist who would like to be up-to-date on the recent world-wide happenings, however are still not pleased with the channels on the local cable TV. Now, there is absolutely no reason to be behind on the most up-to-date world-wide news, view live TV online and get connected to global channels showing the freshest TV feeds.

For music lovers, get daily dose on latest music videos; be it jazz, classical, hip hop, soul or R n’B. Music channels and music video channels from all over the world could be viewed on the Internet. Watch most recent videos from your best musical artists, even if you are not in your house. Take your device along with you and view live TV online at your comfort.

Watching live shows over the Internet is very easy. You only need an Internet access, PC or laptop that’s capable of Macro Media Flash and Windows, and high-quality TV software or services. Once you’ve purchased the tool, software or services, you could install them or visit the website and enjoy Internet TV in seconds.


With an Internet access, purchased services, along with a computer, having access to live videos is simply seconds away. Forget time, pick your favorite, and view your shows without any interruption.

Here are few lists of services or tools you could use to access TV and videos on computers, cell phones as well as other devices via the Internet:


Netflix is a video-rental organization that provides both physical disc rentals and streaming video-on-demand service. It’s a service that enables consumers to rent movies on the Internet. You could choose to rent movies on Blu-ray Disk or DVD or to view the movies on the Internet through a streaming video interface on Netflix web-site.

In terms of streaming video-on-demand, Netflix provides only one plan: $7.99 per month for limitless streaming of any movie titles in Netflix streaming catalogue. You could access Netflix streaming with a Browser on your pc or with the Netflix application that is available on virtually any networkable A/V product with a website platform, which includes Blu-ray players, smart HDTVs, stand-alone streaming media-players like Roku and Apple TV. Free iOS/Android applications may also be used to watch Netflix on tablet or smartphone.

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Netflix provides many (although not all) streamed movie titles in high-definition and Dolby 5.1 audio. To stream on Netflix, you will need high-speed Internet connection; Netflix advises an Internet speed of at the least 5 Mbps for the HD quality and 3 Mbps for DVD quality. In early 2013, Netflix introduced its Super HD service, which enables for better 3D streaming and 1080p quality. The organization suggests an Internet connection speed of up to 12 Mbps for 3D and 7 Mbps for the Super HD 1080p. Super HD doesn’t cost extra charges, but it is presently only available on few machines and just for customers whose Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses Netflix’s Open Connect content-delivery network.

Amazon Instant Video Service

Amazon Video is an online video-on-demand provider by Amazon in the US, Japan, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany and India. It provides TV shows and movies for purchase or rental. Selected titles are available for free to users with Amazon Prime subscription, a move that annoyed some UK customers when it was paired with non-negotiable 61 percent rise in subscription fee.

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Amazon Prime is an organization for just one reason: its great value. The Prime membership offers streaming services with free, 2-day delivery, which is a necessity in today’s Internet shopping paradigm.

For people who would like to stream 4K at lowest price, Amazon is the lowest priced bet. Amazon has stated that they will not raise costs for 4K streaming.

Registering for Amazon’s service could also get you offers on recent seasons of movies you cannot find on other websites

Amazon videos are available on many different devices. This includes lots of smart TVs and Blu-ray players like 2010 or later LG and Samsung models, and also consoles such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, and mobile phones such as the iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets pc, Kindle Fire tablets and Fire Phone. The service is as well accessible via streaming devices like Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku. Amazon’s Video application for iOS devices works with Apple TV through AirPlay.

Based on the kind of, Amazon supports as much as 1080p (HD) streaming together with 5.1 Dolby Digital or Dolby Plus audio. For titles that might be only obtainable for purchase (not a part of customer’s Amazon Prime subscription), the HD is usually provided by an extra fee. Amazon supports 4K (UHD) streaming, with its unique content


Hulu is a premium quality streaming TV place that provides 1000s of hours of present season programs, premium unique content and complete seasons of hit TV series to members across lots of Internet-connected devices in U.S. Hulu is only the streaming subscription provider that provides present season content from five of the six largest U.S. broadcast networks. Since the release in 2007, Hulu had been at intersection of technology and entertainment and proceeds to redefine TV by providing watchers with stories they prefer.


Hulu permits users to enjoy amazing videos on its website ( and on various other popular websites across the Web. Hulu movies are accessible on MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, TV Guide and IMDb, along with an increasing network of private blogs, fan websites as well as other sites where people choose to embed Hulu video-player. Hulu Plus provides yearly subscriptions for $96.


YouTube is a video-sharing site that enables members to upload, watch, and share videos, and it uses WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, along with Adobe Flash tech to show lots of user-generated and company media video. Accessible content comprises TV clips, video clips, music videos, along with other content like video blogging, educational videos, music videos and short unique videos.

The majority of content on YouTube were uploaded by members, however media corporations like BBC, Vevo, CBS, Hulu, as well as other organizations provide some of their content with YouTube, as a part of YouTube partnership plan. Unregistered users are able to watch movies, and registered members are able to upload video clips to their different channels. Videos thought to contain possibly offensive content are accessible to only registered members ensuring themselves to be over 18 years of age.

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Most recent smartphones can access YouTube movies, either with the apps or via a fully optimized site. Although not all YouTube’s videos are accessible on mobile version of the website.

Being able to view videos via Internet is a convenience that is most welcomed. This reduces the need to go to movie rental shops, needing to return back the videos on-time, and paying for overdue charges. Once you watch a video via the Internet, you could simply visit the website again to stream it. Watching live shows over the Internet is very easy.